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What We Do

Truth Investments, L.L.C. is a registered investment advisor located in Tallahassee, Florida. We manage client monies in portfolios consisting of investments such as stocks and bonds.


Welcome to Truth Investments where we aim to help you achieve your financial goals. Whether you desire a comfortable retirement, funding for your children's education, or simply extra money for an enhanced lifestyle, we can serve your needs.


You are dealing with portfolio managers that have investment expertise instead of banks that offer multiple financial services but a 'side' focus in terms of investing. Such institutions rarely provide the stock selecting skill needed to generate the returns we believe we can deliver at Truth Investments. We classify ourselves as a boutique firm. Given our small size it's in our best interest, and to your advantage, that we cater to your needs as an individual - unlike larger firms that might treat you like a small fish in a big pond.


Along with our management services, we provide financial advice pertaining to personal investing, retirement, and education planning. We also help create retirement plans for small business owners.


Negative Alpha Is Simply Unacceptable

Alpha is the difference between your portfolio's return and a benchmark or market index. It's the most common way to measure a portfolio's manager's value added. Put another way, it's how a management firm justifies its fee. Many investors are unaware of the importance of measuring alpha. They believe that as long as their returns are positive, the manager has performed well, and that if returns are negative, it's the manager's fault. This is not necessarily true. A portfolio manager should be expected to deliver returns that exceed the general market's return over long periods of time. If not, the investor may be better suited buying into an index fund, which essentially grants the return of a market index for a relatively small management fee.


Our goal is to provide superior alpha when averaged over a long period of time. We believe we can do this through skill that many other managers lack.



Joseif Pinkston, RIA - President & CIO is a Registered Investment Advisor. He obtained a Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from Florida State University. Joseif started his career as an international equity investment analyst at the State Board of Administration (SBA), helping to manage the Florida Retirement System (FRS); one of the largest pension funds in the United States. After two years, he was promoted to portfolio manager where he helped operate a $100 million internally managed portfolio. In addition, Joseif and his colleagues were responsible for overseeing roughly $70 billion in global assets that were managed by over 40 external equity managers. It was in this job capacity that Joseif gained valuable insights into the management styles of some of the world's most successful money managers. Communicating with and analyzing the styles of these managers, along with education and extensive research, gave Joseif the knowledge to develop his own style. Joseif worked at the SBA from 2002 until April 2012 before starting Truth Investments.


Bryan Pinkston, PE - Vice President is a Professional Engineer. He obtained a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the FAMU/FSU College of Engineering. Bryan has worked as a research analyst since the firm's April 2012 inception.

Investing In People By Investing For People


Like any company, we are in business to make money. There's not a business school in America that doesn't teach principles like maximizing profit and shareholder wealth. Business practitioners are taught to use profits earned to serve the interests of company owners and to grow as if there are no limits. We at Truth Investments have decided to take a different path. We are a private company, so we don't have shareholders to adhere to. However, we do wish to grow to limitless bounds so that we might maximize our reach in touching those who seek hope.


Our mission is to donate a significant portion of our earnings for charity, aid, benevolence, and direct investment. We don't intend to solely write checks to various non-profit organizations, we expect to be involved. We want to ensure that the effectiveness of our giving is maximized. By giving we are not only helping others, we are enriching our company through awareness, connections, purpose, knowledge, imagination, and perception. These are key ingredients to successful investing that cannot be found in a textbook.


When we invest money for clients, we earn money that can be invested for the lives of other people.Hopefully, our clients will reap the rewards of good returns, leading to increased business growth and earnings for our company, and ultimately people in need can be offered hope. Another positive by-product would be if people gain hope by witnessing a company motivated by good deeds. We don't aim to give just monetarily, but physically and intellectually through actions such as mission trips and lectures.